Maharshi Pharma chem has a state of art manufacturing facility suitable for manufacturing of Corticosteroids API’s and its intermediates.

Manufacturing activities carried out as per cGMP norms and handled by Qualified, well trained & experienced personnel’s.

Two separate zones for manufacturing of Intermediates & API’s.

Intermediate area equipped with different size Stainless steel and Glass lined reactor ranging from 250L – 5000L, Centrifuges, Driers, Sparkler filter and having a separate man entry, material entry, drier area, intermediate storage room, washing room, carbon slurry room etc.

Pharma Area is a

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Class 1,00,000 with adequate no. of separate AHU’s to handle the different products and equipped with Stainless still reactor, Vacuum tray dryer, Rotary cone Vacuum Dryer, Multimill, Shifter Jet Mill etc and having a Separate area for production, packing, sampling, quarantine & approved material.